What A Pleasant Surprise!

Objects With Faces - What A Pleasant Surprise!

Submitted by: dunno source

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12 Responses to What A Pleasant Surprise!

  1. omgz! says:

    (right) told to stay in the fridge instead of going partying with those banana crates!

  2. legitgrit says:

    what’s funnier? the original face? or the fact that the vegetarian is the unwelcome friend?

  3. Lolew says:

    This look like a puzzle

  4. Incognito says:

    That’s what she said.

  5. marii says:

    Looks like the box on the left is the dad the box on the right is the mom and they
    Just found out their little crate is gonna have some more little crates…

  6. katie says:


  7. add.aim SHARK-AIR says:

    uhh.. why the right box is a devil and the left box is scared at it

  8. YellowDuck says:

    the right box is stepping on the sad box which happens t obe upside-down and also is the same box

  9. Zero says:

    At first he was like :O and than he was like 😀

  10. Gaz says:

    Looks like Professor Layton & Luke from the DS game series

  11. Pascal says:

    This is a weird pic.

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