They Disassembled Him Anyway

Objects With Faces - They Disassembled Him Anyway

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12 Responses to They Disassembled Him Anyway

  1. Ren says:

    OMG They got Johny 5!

  2. Doc_Kei says:

    Johnny 5 NOOO!!! no disassemble I say!

  3. Carafe says:

    Johnny 5 is aliv… well, not anymore

  4. esbeon says:

    hmmmmm, reminds me more of wall-e than johnny 5, but meh

  5. Joppe says:

    looks more like the robot floyd in Jet force gemini.

  6. nathan says:

    poor wall-e…

  7. Epesi says:

    The caption just made this sad instead of funny. 😦 THANKS A LOT, HAPPY CHAIR.

  8. RichMahogany says:


  9. Karl says:

    OH crap. Sorry Pixar… Wall-e 2 has to be canceled.

  10. chiffmonkey says:

    Number 5 is ali… *Tearing sound*

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