Ceiling Tiles Are Watching You

Objects With Faces - Ceiling Tiles Are Watching You

Submitted by: dunno source

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6 Responses to Ceiling Tiles Are Watching You

  1. Fribble says:

    So is the black section the nose or the mouth?

  2. Ritrat8 says:


  3. meh123 says:

    ummm, tell me those aren’t in the bathroom… OMG NOW I’M AFRAID TO PEE!!!!!

  4. Jake says:

    Ceiling Cat needs to find a new ceiling…

  5. Panta says:

    It’s okay, though. They have dimples. See? =:)

  6. phishsquaredissushi says:

    Ceiling tiles is grinning. Why is ceiling tiles grinning? What is you doing? Bad, sneaky ceiling.

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