Alarmed Alarm Is Alarmed

Objects With Faces - Alarmed  Alarm Is Alarmed

Submitted by: dunno source

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19 Responses to Alarmed Alarm Is Alarmed

  1. Fribble says:


  2. adam says:

    That always bugged me. “THIS DOOR IS ALARMED.” I always expected the door to be saying “omg! i am a door! eek!”

  3. emilka says:

    It’s not an alarm, it’s a ticket puncher…

  4. Siridar says:

    It’s not an alarm it’s a bus ticket validator 😀

  5. pew says:

    What startled it?

  6. Crock says:

    It’s a Polish ticket puncher dude.

  7. schpeelah says:

    That’s not an alarm. This thing checks bus tickets (left eye flashes red for “standby”, you push titcket into the mouth, it goes *crunch*(no seriously) and the right eye flashes green).

    Also second!

  8. rehab says:

    This one truely made me LOL!

    When it chomps a ticket it should go “AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” and run away screaming…

  9. pizzargh says:

    Hey, in case you haven’t noticed the previous posts, this is a ticket puncher from a Polish bus, and not, as stated in the title, an alarm.
    Glad to be of assistance.

  10. Mad Mike says:

    Yeah, it’s a ticket puncher from a polish city bus. One that’s abt 15 or so yrs old. Got couple of them in my city in older buses. Newer ones don’t have faces 😦 And it really bites your tickets with a distinctive crunching sound. Leaves two evenly spaced holes and an imprint of time, bus number and 3 other digits I haven’t deciphered yet.

  11. Banana-Slug says:

    Of course; Alarmed Alarm is alarmed that it’s not really an alarm. 😦

    Alarming, no?

  12. superduper says:

    Is it a ticket puncher? Call it a hunch, but I think it’s a ticket puncher.

    • pizzargh says:

      You opinion is very valuable, but it actually is a ticket punch. I support my claim with the fact that I have used a fair amount of identical ones.

  13. Fen says:

    Hmm… looks like a ticket puncher from Poe Land. Can this be true…?

  14. Agent L says:

    It wants to OM NOM NOM your tickets.

  15. KnavE says:

    This might be an american site, but i have reasons to believe it’s being overtaken by polish people 😀

    @ rehab
    You made me laugh… i imagined the device running away and screaming after i tried to punch my ticket 😀

  16. pordzio says:

    Nie jestem tu sam


  17. somonwolvos says:

    He’s perfect for the job.

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