Disapproving Kayak* Is Shocked By Your Behavior

Objects With Faces - Disapproving Canoe Is Shocked By Your Behavior

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*Editor’s Note: Apparently the behavior he is shocked by is me thinking he was a canoe. 😦

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29 Responses to Disapproving Kayak* Is Shocked By Your Behavior

  1. OnyxAlchemyst says:

    Isn’t that a kayak?

    And why does it look like there’s a bicycle stuck in it’s head?

  2. Kumiho says:

    …but only because you didn’t wipe your feet first.

  3. tennis9232 says:

    Reminds me of Sam the Eagle!!

  4. Outdoorswoman says:

    That’s Disapproving Kayak, to you.

  5. Simerguesa says:

    Fail. That’s a kayak.

  6. zephyy says:

    That’s a Kayak… Not a canoe…

  7. Scott says:

    Disapproving kayak is shocked you thought it was a canoe.

    • ZJ says:

      boat – “*GASP* I can’t believe you just said that!”
      you – OMIGOD IT’S ALIVE!!!!!

  8. Fribble says:

    Looks like the Scream face.

  9. Katie says:

    LOL that’s definitely a kayak.

  10. The Amazing Rando says:

    He’s being forced to watch Paris Hilton’s movie.

  11. j. says:

    I know nothing about kayaks. Can anyone tell me what the gear-looking eyeball objects are for?

  12. skywerwolf says:

    looks like a slime from the megaten games

  13. Miss says:

    I love disapproving kayak!

  14. Hunter says:

    It was shocked because of my existence.

  15. ButMadNNW says:

    I think it’s a transatlantic thing? I know a Brit who bought a “canoe”, but when she posted the photo, it looked like a “kayak” to me.

    • Chardrak says:

      Kayaks are small boats derived from (and named after) Inuit/”Eskimo” canoes that have covered tops except for one or two small openings like you see in this picture.

      It is technically a type of canoe but most all canoes are open top designs.

  16. ilikelawl says:

    hahaha i love the face this makes

  17. Dreadbeer says:

    😀 looks like blooper from mario 😀

  18. Timothy says:

    He must have heard “what you say” after hearing “hide and seek”

  19. xasp42 says:

    AHAHAHA it looks like Sam Eagle from the Muppets!

  20. person dude man me says:

    AHHH! i’ts a albino banana stormtrooper

  21. Adidz86 says:

    Me: *looks at pic* “Man, these people are dumb! That is DEFINITELY a cano-”

    Kayak: *pops up behind my computer chair* “WHUT WUZ ‘CHOO GON’ SAY, PUNK!?!?!”

    Me: “OMFG DONT EAT ME!!!!!!! D:”



  22. Me, Myself, and I says:

    Lol looks a bit like a space marine from WH40K… lol I’m such a nerd 😛

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