Ceiling Motion Sensor Is Sensing Your Motion

Objects With Faces - Ceiling Motion Sensor Is Sensing Your Motion

Submitted by: Mr Skinbuyer via Submit a Photo

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23 Responses to Ceiling Motion Sensor Is Sensing Your Motion

  1. Julie says:

    Motion sensor likes what it sees!! 😀

  2. OnyxAlchemyst says:

    Are those floor tiles or wall tiles? I am so confused!

    • Julie says:

      Wall tiles. It’s a bit like ceiling cat, sticking out of the ceiling.

    • fish eye no miko says:

      Between the ties and the white strip that looks like a floorboard, I’m guessing this is on the floor…
      But, hey, at least he’s happy to see us! Its like “Hey, I sense you coming near me! Hi!”

    • Bathory says:

      Look like floor tiles to me.

  3. kawaiipandah says:

    what kind of person has tiles on the wall? thats so weird.

    • The Amazing Rando says:

      Bathroom maybe?

    • cha says:

      why would a motion sensor be in the bathroom?
      Perverted Motion Sensor Watches You S***?

    • elpantolonesdeleche says:

      nah could be a motion sensor, i was s***ing at the library [why im not allowed there anymore i only looked at virus ridden porn and crashed the whole network XD] and sat so still the motion detector shut the lights off

  4. FluffySolo says:

    It *LIKES* you motion. A lot.

  5. D-R says:

    At least this one kind of looks like it’s smiling. 🙂

  6. Kaie says:

    Pretty sure that thing’s on the floor…

  7. wtf says:

    wall tiles. i think.

  8. medicdope says:

    Okay, those are floor tiles.

  9. numagirl22 says:

    do I want to know what the people whose motion he’s sensing are doing? XD

  10. The Amazing Rando says:

    “Hi there, I’m sensing your motion…oh my. Bow-chicka-bow-wow…”

  11. meow imma oyster says:

    It is on teh flor. If it were aimed at a ceiling, the image would look shaky.


  12. Brett says:

    cieling cat has gone away, so happy sensor is watching!

  13. Pastry chef says:

    It watches u sleep

  14. Jimmylou says:

    “Hay! Are you Sam Fisher? Oh mah goodh! I’ve played your games, is that this gun you use to…”

  15. Pastry chef says:

    Buzz buzz????

  16. some floor tiles are made of polymers like polycarbonates and epoxy, i think they are much cheaper;,.

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