Caption Contest #1 Winners!

Happy Chair is happy so many people participated in the first caption contest! Thanks to everyone who shared their wit with us. It went over so well, be sure to check in tomorrow for a brand new anthropomorphic expression! This week’s winner was…Bragendesh! Congratulations! Be sure to check out our four runners up after the jump!
Objects With Faces -
Credit: Bragendesh

Objects With Faces -
Credit: Bwahahaharammsetin67

Objects With Faces -
Credit: Catfanatic47

Objects With Faces -
Credit: Anonymous

Objects With Faces -
Credit: Tetragonos

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12 Responses to Caption Contest #1 Winners!

  1. Blackwater57 says:

    WTF mine was better

  2. ParadoxBomb says:

    not first!

    And who *does* like used condoms?

  3. Hunter says:


  4. john says:

    A used condom is better than no condom!

  5. Hakkou says:

    john, I agree! That’s not a good caption at all. The person making the caption could have thought of a much better thing trash cans wouldn’t like… And boo to the people in charge of the contest who chose that as number one.

  6. TheCannyScot says:

    My MIL used to have the habit of rifling through the trash can in our room when we would stay there, and coming back with stuff we had thrown out, and asking if we meant to throw it out. We fixed her by leaving a couple of used condoms in the trash :))

  7. lolgirl says:

    i loved them all……

  8. Julie Fawcett says:

    Yes, boo to the people in charge of the contest who chose that as number one. I like the Oscar the Grouch caption best. Sadly my submission was not in the top five.

  9. Cook. says:

    Ah, yerr all just jealous that yeww didnt win. I think it was funny.

  10. eriatarka says:

    To be fair though, if your trash can lid is full of used condoms, you’re doing it wrong. 😉

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