Do You Have To Sleep Naked?

Objects With Faces - Do You Have To Sleep Naked?

Submitted by: dunno source

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12 Responses to Do You Have To Sleep Naked?

  1. MJ the Prophet says:

    Wow, this clock has two faces!

  2. Mini Moufamba says:

    Where’s the second one?

  3. XicoFelipe says:

    I can only see one. Unless you are talking about a previous picture of a clock (the depressed one).

  4. coyote INFJ says:

    More proof that clocks are always watching.

  5. moronhunter says:

    On the other side…!

  6. nadinucca says:

    LOL can you people get any more obtuse? A clock has a face, that’s what we call the area where the number’s are. This particular clock has TWO faces! And it’s judging your PJs! lol

  7. Deborah E. says:

    Clock doesn’t like Mondays any more than I do!

  8. SpaceFairie says:

    Oh don’t give me that look clock. You didn’t have to watch if you didn’t want to and you know it.

  9. LokkieK says:

    Don’t you give me that look.. you know it’s sexy time.

  10. lol im laughing says:

    the clock is soo dang cute!!!!! i love it!

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