Caption Contest #2

Welcome back Honorary Chairs! This week’s caption contest contestant is below:

Objects With Faces - Caption Contest #2

The rules are as follows:

1. Click on the image to be taken to our LOLBuilder. Caption the image and submit.
2. Make sure you are logged in to your Cheezburger account so that we may properly credit you.

Since we’re getting a late start due to the holiday, the contest ends, Saturday, June 5th, at noon. Good luck!

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17 Responses to Caption Contest #2

  1. ChromeLynx says:

    See my caption ^_^

  2. Michele Langston says:

    I dun one! 😀

  3. Copey says:

    “Scream” gets a new ride!

  4. grundo says:

    me:there’s a sign…
    sign:insert cheezburgers in hole

  5. LocalH3ro says:

    Christine? No, that’s my sister. I’m Edvard “Screamer” Munch’s car

  6. Beto says:

    If you can see frightened break light then you’re to close

  7. Lizbeth says:


  8. AboFinal says:

    I’ve done one! >8D

  9. Blackwater57 says:

    My Caption:


  10. Professor Bananas says:

    He said whaaaatttt?

  11. xk473 says:
    i mean, it’s not technically a caption, but whatever 😀

  12. Chris says:

    Who you gonna call?

  13. McG says:


  14. Dan says:

    I did:
    Shocked car,

    Thinks you should move to the back-seat.

  15. vegassatellite says:

    I posted mine: OMG!!!!!! It’s A Toyota!!!!!!!!

  16. Batornator says:

    That’s not the gearstick he’s grabbing is it

  17. emma watts says:

    ” HOLY CRAAAAP! ” Is that what i really look like!,

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