So Much Happy

Objects With Faces - So Much Happy

Submitted by: JohnSupreme via Submit a Photo

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21 Responses to So Much Happy

  1. DjDoDo says:


    Mr. sandman give us a dream, BUM BUM BUM BUM”

  2. poTen says:

    After so much happy … my day will definitely be happy 😀

  3. qwertyuiop says:

    whatever it is, it made my day :3

  4. kemm says:

    I bought this toothbrush holder, just for that face…now it smiles at me every day 🙂

  5. Kay says:

    Dang it, I was coming here to upload a picture of *my* toothbrush holder!

  6. RiokuAngel says:

    dude I have a white version of this its like a toothbrush holder I took a pic of mine on my phone it was so awesome

  7. holychao says:

    for two and a half years i’ve been telling my co-workers at walmart that these things look so damn happy (we sell them) … and now i know that i’m not crazy, they’re just unimaginative.

  8. Sarah says:

    I actually bought one of those from Walmart the other day. 😀

  9. Diskco says:

    Dammit, I have one of those, and I was going to submit it! :< Curse my laziness!

  10. Cormamin says:

    I took almost the exact same picture two months ago except mine wasn’t good enough for some reason.

  11. Daggerkind says:

    The early and happy porcelain gets the worm

  12. Bruised Almighty says:

    A nest of baby brush holders await the return of the noms

  13. SOE says:

    I got the same at home. I laugh every times I go to brush my teeth.

  14. J says:

    They look like the best thing in the world is just simply being alive.

  15. Essayons says:

    hehe, I have one of these. Now I wish I had thought to post it on here.

  16. WinterStardust says:

    Awww! Now I want one. So cute ❤

  17. Faith says:

    I have a brown one at home, and my mother has this very color. The first thing my sisters and I thought was 😀 They look so happy, must buy happy toothbrush holder.

  18. bennon says:

    i have one of those in blue

  19. cryptid16 says:

    so…much…happy! its growing ITS GROWING! sex will now initiate

  20. eezchay says:

    okay seriously? that toothbrush holder is supposed to be a smiley face…

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