Caption Contest #2 Winners!

Welcome back Honorary Chairs! The caption contest is gaining steam with twice the number of funny submissions for me and Happy Chair to sift through. This week’s lucky winner is…Blackwater57! We have 5 runners up this week so make sure to click to see them after the jump. Tune in tomorrow for a brand new object that craves your captions!

Objects With Faces - Blackwater57
Caption By: Blackwater57

Objecst With Faces - bouncy_paw
Caption By: BouncyPaw

Objects With Faces - Pitru
Caption By: Pitru

Objects With Faces - redvelvetrose
Caption By: RedVelvetRose

Objects With Faces - Shadowsamus11
Caption By: ShadowSamus11

Objects With Faces - tstenz
Caption By: tstenz

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19 Responses to Caption Contest #2 Winners!

  1. Sel says:

    Ha! I admit these are way better than my submission. I got a good laugh out of all of them, but I think “prude taillight” should have won.

  2. Ryan says:

    These aren’t that funny to be honest with you.

    • Nicole says:

      yeah, they all seemed kind of lame…=/ i thought my submission was funny…i did the scary movie mask guy..”wazzzaaaaapppp”

  3. I will admit the “Duuuuuuuude” one is better than mine, though they share the same theme…

  4. chiffmonkey says:

    Hahaha eat that roadkill!

    Wait…. is that…. Dave???

  5. Blackwater57 says:

    Awesome, I won something!

  6. Deran says:

    “Scream 5 – Bumper to Bumper Murder”

    • Blackwater57 says:

      I was thinking of saying something about “The scream,” but the other thing worked better for me.

  7. RazeWolf says:

    Mine was better than a few of these… >.>

  8. LazyRecliner says:

    LOL I saw this and was immediately reminded of the two startled fish in this picture

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