Lumbering Giant Is Messing With Our Perception

Objects With Faces - Lumbering Giant Is Messing With Our Perception

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43 Responses to Lumbering Giant Is Messing With Our Perception

  1. superdbgtfan says:

    Oh no! its the demon door from fable did you bring his cheese?

  2. kuoster says:

    Where’s chair?

  3. royd says:

    Im sorry, but I think its shopped. Looks cool though!

    • ze says:

      Machu Pichu!!!one
      (google it then)

    • ze says:

      yeah looks quite like it but it was a bit worked on

    • pookiebear says:

      Obviously you don’t know your geography. It’s Machu Picchu and it’s a famous landmark in Peru. This pic is turned sideways to see the face more clearly. It is considered one of the seven wonders of the world. Perhaps your elementary teacher didn’t do her job fully if she left off this tid bit.

  4. Ted Seitz says:


  5. ruafraid? says:

    thats so shopped. nice try dude.

    • pookiebear says:

      Buy an atlas, this is Machu Picchu and it really looks like this. I have seen it with my own two eyes!

  6. Ψ-Ns says:

    It’s Machu Picchu. I think it is shopped, but there is a resemblance in the real mountains –

  7. midnightmoses says:

    erm….it looks like the giant is “Slumbering” to me, not lumbering….but axe me later….

  8. grover says:

    Machu Picchu has had a nose job…

  9. Dhsu says:

    Guessing this is from Worth1000.

  10. John says:

    It’s fake. The original Machu Picchu it’s like this:

    Without the mouth and eyes.

    Still awesome :3

    • barzuk says:

      The “lips” were considerably altered, indeed, and the closed eye isn’t there, but it shows how much fun can be had (and how much potential fraud can be committed) by use of photo manipulation applications. As usual: CAVET EMPTOR

  11. strangerover says:

    That’s “Slumbering Giant.”

  12. Jonzon7 says:

    As fake as can be…

  13. SHOPPED says:

    i can tell by the angle

  14. The Little Myrmidon says:

    This photo was photoshopped, but the “Old Man of the Mountain” (Franconia Notch, NH) was real. Unfortunately, the rock formation collapsed in 2003.

  15. Tiepilot9 says:

    mind blown

  16. Daniel says:

    “lumbering” (without an S in front) threw me off…finally saw it about 5 minutes later. Too cool, must’ve been intentionally carved.

  17. DeadBob says:

    It’s a shame someone felt they had to tinker with the image,as the REAL pic already looks like a face.

  18. Matt J says:

    Mother earth? is that you?

  19. guest says:

    is it just me or does it look like dustin hoffman?

  20. sir jon dangerous says:

    This is an old coffee advert from the UK. I forget the brand. Early to mid 90s I think.

  21. O_o says:

    CARAJOOOO!!! one

  22. sublimespotter19 says:

    loox a little like the original machu pichu, but its def shopped.

  23. PhotoKat says:

    Cheating, photoshopped. Who wants it.

  24. ada-fatta says:


  25. Klippity says:

    Steve Martin?!

  26. CaBBagE says:

    oh noes! teh undaground monstah pull’d out a faceplant! (on teh ceiling!)

  27. rab3 says:

    It’s shopped. Google Machu Picchu.

  28. Jimmylou says:

    It machus pikatch!

  29. Woody says:

    *yawn* not funny when it’s ‘shopped.

  30. Totally photoshopped from Machu Pichu’s mountains

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