Old Man Typewriter Is Not Obsolete

Objects With Faces - Old Man Typewriter Is Not Obsolete

Submitted by: Fabel via Submit a Photo

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37 Responses to Old Man Typewriter Is Not Obsolete

  1. Miyaviichan says:

    Oh dear. Gramps looks mad.

  2. dw says:

    “You young whipper-snappers and your standardized QWERTY keyboards! In my day, the manufacturer just stuck the keys wherever, and we were happy. None of this ‘home row’ nonsense, hunt-and-peck was the only way to go! Hey! I see you inching away from me! Get back here!”

  3. Julzey says:

    All I’m thinking is, “Hulk smash!”

  4. PooPay says:

    I seem to remember typewriters having platens, too. Must be a Russian model… XD

  5. Sarah says:

    Actually, I think that is the machine a court reporter uses. A Stenograph? Because they have to type so quickly it has very few keys, and it’s made for using shorthand.

  6. rickterp says:

    And get off my lawn!!

  7. Wth? says:

    That has two “W”s… If they are going to have 10 buttons, shouldn’t they all be different?

  8. Cait says:

    HOLY JESUS, it’s Ratchet’s mom!

  9. not me says:

    and why are there two “w”-keys?

  10. zephyy says:

    It’s an optical illusion as well.

    At first glance, you see one old man looking at you.

    At second glance, you see two old men arguing at each other.

  11. Jenn the Hen says:

    Never has a typewriter scared me as this one did today.

  12. coyote INFJ says:

    Doubled double u’s?

  13. skeptic says:

    To sum it up: this is not a typewriter. It might be artwork, but its resemblance to a human face is intentional. More intentional than simply opening a zipper in a bag to make it look like a smile. It is, in fact, contrived.

  14. meepmeep says:

    its nicely reminiscent of division bell


  16. Fire-glass Dragon says:

    That’s not a typewriter. That’s a stenograph, morons. What, are all those breast shots they post on Very Demotivational sapping your intellegence? Must be.

    • John-117 says:

      Yeah, type writers don’t look like that. But, it does look like it’s saying, “HUNGRY!”

  17. Katrina says:

    Gosh, old people get so mad so easily

  18. Professor says:

    Looks like a transformer ;o

  19. Joel says:

    it looks like the album cover The Division Bell from Pink Floyd

  20. ahhhh!!! says:

    im scared.

  21. Jimmylou says:

    Lol, It is an optical illusion aswell! Either it are two faces from side with noses, or one face with two eyes.
    This gotta be the typewriter Sheogorath is using^^

  22. Laser Cat says:

    Scary. Very scary.

  23. Al Rodriguez says:

    That’s definitely not a typewriter. There are 20 keys in that thing, and since it has 2 Ws and 2 Es, you’re definitely gonna be missing some letters LOL Plus, there’s no SPACEBAR! OMG 😉

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