Box Needs Coffee

Objects With Faces - Box Needs Coffee

Submitted by: Beeimus via Submit a Photo

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8 Responses to Box Needs Coffee

  1. TL10 says:

    Clearly he is un-amused with being the provider of crappy insurance!:D

  2. AlphaSpawn says:

    Aha, I know where this is from! Hooray for RT! 😀

  3. Bureaucracy box asks: “What can we do for you sir?”

  4. Caelestis says:

    I can’t decide if he looks completely bored or if he looks like he’s about to sneeze…

  5. Karinna says:

    box is not amused by your sad attempt at joking

  6. Katrina says:

    Maybe he just doesn’t like the books

  7. stephanie says:

    …totally looks like master shake.

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