What Do You Mean, Bulldozer?

Objects With Faces - What Do You Mean, Bulldozer?

Submitted by: dunno source via Submit a Photo

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6 Responses to What Do You Mean, Bulldozer?

  1. rogue says:

    Baffled Building says “Say WAAAAAAT?!”

  2. Daniel says:

    “Never gonna hit you up
    Never gonna knock you down
    Never gonna wreck around and, destroy you…”


  3. coyote INFJ says:

    This must be a church, for the eyes are the windows to the soul.

  4. JawS says:

    Haha nice, i’ve seen this before. This church is in the place where i live XD

  5. Czarlene says:

    It looks like the preston castle… lol

  6. Minion says:

    haha looks like that minion from Despicable Me saying, “whaaaat?” http://tinyurl.com/3xa4k76

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