FBI Building Is Deep Undercover

Objects With Faces - FBI Building Is Deep Undercover

Submitted by: Lobo97 via Submit a Photo

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14 Responses to FBI Building Is Deep Undercover

  1. Allaire says:

    FBI building or really the Trololo building?

  2. t says:

    The eyes of Sibiu.

  3. Peter says:

    Yes, it must be Sibiu (Rumania)

  4. :P...TeeHee! says:

    It’s as though it’s saying”Iz watchn yuz!”

  5. dotchan says:

    Building sees what you did there.

  6. Tracy Freeman says:

    In soviet russia building watches you

  7. EtheyB says:

    Reminds me of that junkbot game on the lego website.

  8. spoons says:

    oddly enough this reminds me of the nightmare scene from the brave little toaster

  9. tara says:

    its jabba da house!!!

  10. griffinlady says:

    House looks tired. Needs a nap

  11. Carlita says:

    thats scary!

  12. bushfails says:

    I need that house!

  13. lowly grunt says:

    I thought the house looked smug. Or very satisfied with itself.

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