Ooooo, I’m A Scary Tree

Objects With Faces - Ooooo, I'm A Scary Tree

Submitted by: thecuriousonlooker via Submit a Photo

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9 Responses to Ooooo, I’m A Scary Tree

  1. mr.duckie says:

    i have found the deku tree!!!!

  2. LoopDoGG says:

    Imagine seeing this while running thru a dim lighted forest in the middle of the night, while being chased by wolfs, and not the gay twilight zone ones

    • Ryuudoshi says:

      i was messing around with CB and some said all vampires sparkle so i… said a few things that im happy i said!

  3. Lznd says:

    it’s me or this totally looks like the tree you see before you enter the clock in Majora’s Mask?

  4. spoons says:

    well of course it’s a scary tree. it’s got three arms!

  5. Daniel says:

    on the little thumbnail advertisimg the site i thought it was pedobear lol

  6. He’s actually scaring Pilgrimage Twig! Now I get it!

    Seriously, someone should make a mashup of both, they would look really good together!

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