Inappropriate Cemetery Is Inappropriate

Objects With Faces - Inappropriate Cemetery Is Inappropriate

Submitted by: chilielf via Submit a Photo

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15 Responses to Inappropriate Cemetery Is Inappropriate

  1. Peel says:

    ai seez ded peeps! eee!

  2. TheRealWazzar says:

    Can someone find that on Google Maps and post a link? I’m searching now, but “Holy Cross Cemetery” isn’t much to go by.

    • TheRealWazzar says:

      I’ve found it. It’s in Anaheim, CA. Go to Google Maps, and enter in:

      33.82381, -117.94308

      It looks very different. It’s either older/newer imagery, or someone’s been doing some photoshopping (possibly google)

    • jtb1313 says:

      i went through hell

  3. PooPay says:

    Smiling Cemetery Is Smiling…. errrrr, I mean “is creepy” lol

  4. UJDAQ says:

    I also see the pi symbol in there above the road.

  5. GbreadMan says:

    And he’s got chin fuzz, too…

  6. Britt says:

    It’s older imagery. If you enter 33.82381, -117.94308 in google earth and then load historical imagery for Oct 22 2007 you’ll see the smiley face.

  7. spacebat says:

    It’s a little bit clown, and a little bit Misfits logo.

  8. dw says:

    ♪I’m a be down
    I’m a be down
    Down with the clown ’til I’m dead in the ground♫

  9. scouty says:

    i would want to be burried by the smile. or not. it could nom me. :0

  10. Hormonella says:

    And if you turn your head to the left you see a trimmed vigana:D

  11. skyedragons says:

    wow ur all perverts

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