Mazda Car Just Saw Your Bank Balance

Objects With Faces - Mazda Car Just Saw Your Bank Balance

Submitted by: Anna via Submit a Photo

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18 Responses to Mazda Car Just Saw Your Bank Balance

  1. Kralika says:

    I be first chair.

  2. Me says:

    I had this idea a long time ago, but didn’t submit it because I thought it wouldn’t be featured.

  3. Di says:

    I always thought that the newer Mazda’s looked like they were high. Gives new meaning to driving under the influence.

  4. XicoFelipe says:

    If you look upside down, it’s sad.

  5. Grouchy Ole Broad says:

    “Raise (wind)shields.”
    “Sair, we hae nae shields.”
    “Then how do we keep the bugs off our teeth?”
    “Dinne smile, sair.”

  6. Archibald Ironfist says:

    I can’t tell whether the car is in awe or laughing.

  7. Kralika says:

    The car looks utterly ecstatic. It won’t be as pleased when it goes for it’s MOT. D:

  8. LoopDoGG says:

    He wont be smiling if he saw my bank balance

  9. nitro says:

    virtually every modern car has a face on the front. Volkswagen beetles smile, ford f-150’s look tough, etc.

    even hitlers car had a face in it.

  10. tetris says:

    =D It looks like a kitty!

  11. flagger Dave says:

    Still doesn’t beat the Bug Eye Sprite for the title of Happy Car

  12. Professor says:

    God, I love driving in front of Mazdas, I like seeing their happy faces XD

  13. Flame says:

    he’s like 😀 i’m gonna feel some new asses today…

  14. happy mazda says:

    is happy

  15. meta4 says:

    Dude, your car loan was approved!

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