Why Thank You, My Dimples ARE Adorable!

Objects With Faces - Why Thank You, My Dimples ARE Adorable!

Submitted by: smwalsh via Submit a Photo

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7 Responses to Why Thank You, My Dimples ARE Adorable!

  1. Jtown says:

    Makes me 🙂 that i know where this is
    also not telling because i hate when these threads get all political

  2. KSnortheastofTAtown says:

    nice, Jtown, but i think someone will name the place eventually… 🙂

  3. palartok says:

    I would love to know where it is. It’s as if it could be a place straight out of a Ghibli movie, enchanting.

  4. KSnortheastofTAtown says:

    I just passed there on a bus yesterday and today! 🙂

    palartok- I’m going to respect Jtown’s wish as he was the first to comment, and won’t post the location here… but do you have an email where I can write you and tell you where it is? 🙂

  5. Flame says:

    Happy building is very happy…

  6. DecryptedNight says:

    -How it feels to be an nudist commune-

  7. CreateEvity says:

    It’s in Jerusalem right next to the shuk market.
    it’s called THE SUNDIAL BUILDING
    is was constructed on the early 1900 by Rabbi Shmuel Levi. on the first years it was an hotel and later a synagogue.
    it has this sundial clock and 2 mechanic clocks for cloudy days..
    it was damaged by earthquake in 1927, and second time damaged by fire in 1941
    it was reconstructed by the municipality in 1980

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