Caption Contest #6 Winners

Welcome back Honorary Chairs! This week, the lucky contest winner is…Cameraman! We have 5 runners up this week so make sure to click to see them after the jump. Tune in tomorrow for a brand new object that craves your captions! And if you’d like to see ALL the lols made from this week’s photo, click here.

Objects With Faces - cameraman
Caption By: Cameraman

Objects With Faces - anon
Caption By: Anonymous

Objects With Faces - ethanorg
Caption By: Ethanorg

Objects With Faces - Flighty_Temptress
Caption By: Flighty_Temptress

Objects With Faces - grnlntrn
Caption By: GrnLntrn

Objects With Faces - winningfail
Caption By: WinningFail

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7 Responses to Caption Contest #6 Winners

  1. jon says:

    The first one could have got his explosive skill to 35 and disarmed it. 10 points to anyone who knows what game thats from

  2. Stimpy says:

    That twig is still a better actor than Charleston Heston.

  3. eggy27 says:

    I think the winners were worthy of winning. I had a really hard time thinking up an answer.

  4. aperson says:

    I don’t like that 1 . It scares me

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