Autobot Rake Is Ready To Roll Out

Objects With Faces - Autobot Rake Is Ready To Roll Out

Submitted by: dunno source via Submit a Photo

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19 Responses to Autobot Rake Is Ready To Roll Out

  1. PastorJohn83 says:

    Epic. I want.

  2. Anon says:

    Sorry, looks more like a cat to me. Can’t pull that one past a hard-core Transformers fan.

  3. Miguel says:

    I thought it looked more like a Decepticon, all Evil and harboring hatred for leaves…

  4. J says:

    Totally! Nice.

  5. TEKITOinc says:

    More like robot Frylock

  6. Poplik says:

    You mean Decepticon rake, right?

  7. Amanda says:

    Looks like Frylock!!!

  8. TJS says:

    Looks kinda like Frylock… lol

  9. Grey says:

    I’m gonna RAKE in the glory and LEAF a first comment!

  10. Optimus Prime says:

    Decepticon! Autobots, atttack!

  11. mr. horsepower says:

    also kinda looks like frylock from ATHF (a little bit)

  12. 2nd Comment says:

    ATHF Is Awesome!!!

  13. bell says:

    I don’t see the autobot, but it does look like the rake is sporting a thong.

  14. Krepta says:

    If this gets famous enough, you know Hasbro’s going to make it an actual Transformer faction symbol at some point in the future.

  15. bltgsandwich says:

    Ack! Evil rake! Somewhere out there is an aspiring romance novelist searching for her escaped villain.

  16. Cyberkedi says:

    Autobot? Decepticon? I can never tell the difference – they taste alike to me. And they’re delicious!

  17. BaiMei says:

    I see a fish in that rake…..

  18. Kelsey says:

    Ok, i totally see the cat and Frylock, but Autobot? No. Not a chance in Hades. If anything, it’s a Decepticon, in which case this caption needs a tune-up.

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