You Shall Not Pass

Objects With Faces - You Shall Not Pass

Submitted by: metp21 via Submit a Photo

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16 Responses to You Shall Not Pass

  1. Monty Python fail says:

    It’s, “None shall pass”

    • fernblatt says:

      Indeed, were it about the Monty Python joke, that would be correct. LOL

    • coolios says:

      ‘You shall not pass’ is a reference from the fellowship of the Ring, when Gandalf is trying to keep that fire thing from going further… except he says it more like, ‘yooooou shall not paaaaaass!’ LOL

    • noodle says:

      it could also be a reference to the mighty boosh (a spin off bit from LOTR i guess) where Vinces white blood cells yell this…

  2. hehe says:

    Darn! Those chairs are at my school, I was going to submit a picture. We said it looks like it’s crying.

  3. Zcdb says:

    Why not? D:

    Chair: …


  4. Kumiho says:

    Chair as Gandalf?

  5. Kumiho says:

    Or as physics professor?

  6. fernblatt says:

    I see chair as an unhappy Japanese high-school chair, unable to go on to the next grade and be in the class with the table he has had a crush on for some time. As such, chair is in tears.


    But that’s just me.

    • fernblatt says:

      sort of like this… (very bad example, sorry)

    • fernblatt says:

      Of course the link to the example pic was deleted when the post was moderated… sigh

      T-T <—- I'm cryin' here, for Pete's sake.

  7. Bubba_the_German_Shepard says:

    Look’s like he’s cracking up to a funny joke 😉

  8. chairman says:

    Looks like he’s been kicked in the balls!

  9. King Graphjam says:

    But…But I studied!

  10. Veran says:

    huh, looks more like its LOLing at something…
    like; XD

  11. metp21 says:

    when I was taking this picture there was a lady in the parking lot that kept staring at me because I kept re positioning the chair to get the best lighting.

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