Repair Costs How Much?!

Objects With Faces - Repair Costs How Much?!

Submitted by: 40 via Submit a Photo

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6 Responses to Repair Costs How Much?!

  1. Tiboho says:

    Does this count? The “face” was created just for the pic…

  2. TrafalagarLaw says:

    ironicly thats probably the same face the car owner made.

  3. frank says:


  4. brmbug says:

    I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but whatever it is, it’s gonna cost you at least $300 if that’s what it is.

  5. Cricket says:

    Why is he walking toward my tailpipe with that scope?

  6. DecryptedNight says:

    (voice of old jewish man) “You’re killing me with this ‘regular gas’ oi… And what was that move you pulled on the interstate back there? You trying to call that insurance adjuster’s bulf arn’t you? You think you’re so smart…”

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