Caption Contest #7 Winners!

Welcome back Honorary Chairs! This week, the lucky contest winner is…kikibirdjones! We have 3 runners up this week so make sure to click to see them after the jump. Tune in tomorrow for a brand new object that craves your captions! And if you’d like to see ALL the lols made from this week’s photo, click here!

Object With Faces - Caption Contest 7 winner
Caption By: kikibirdjones

Object With Faces - detectivewoofles1
Caption By: DetectiveWoofles

Objects With Facs - diagonal_mamba
Caption By: Diagonal_Mamba

Objects With Faces - tribletabb333
Caption By:tripletabb333

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18 Responses to Caption Contest #7 Winners!

  1. Fromage says:

    Mercy file not found… That’s a Futurama joke.

  2. Chocaholic says:

    Domo arigato… GET IT RIGHT!

    • booyah says:

      Doumo arigatou… GET IT RIGHT!

    • killerofthesky says:

      The “u” is only needed to elongate the vowels, and thus, they don’t need to be written when using english letters. And I don’t remember ever seeing a “u” in domo arigato, which I think I’d remember after 3 years of japanese lessons.

    • boo^yah says:

      どうもありがとう… get it right!

  3. bananacat says:

    I like the third one best.

  4. brmbug says:

    I thought I wouldn’t be the only one to do “say what again”. 😀

  5. Isabelle says:

    i didn’t like any of these I thought they were kinda lame actually

  6. Acrophile says:

    Your speed is 10 mph above the posted limit. Say goodbye.

  7. ThreepH says:

    Hm, there have been better ones than those 4.. I mean, 8-bit waterfowl? Serious?

  8. Freddles says:

    Thought it was just me that didn’t get ’em 😦
    Great photo – shame about the captions……….

    • Someone says:

      Yay, I’m not the only one who had no idea what these meant!!!
      This has made my day. Thank you. 😉

  9. kt says:

    The winner is a throwback to NES Duck hunt, maybe too old for you youngsters!

  10. Blackwater57 says:

    Well, a retarded pulp fiction joke did better than the retarded futurama joke, which did better than a misspelled “do the robot” joke. And to top it off was a retarded duck hunt joke.

    God damn.

  11. Greyclaw says:

    I could’nt understand the last one, but all busted mah gut makin meh rofl BIGTIME! BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  12. eggy27 says:

    Not that funny. Could have chosen better winners.

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