Happy Plane

Objects With Faces - Happy Plane

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40 Responses to Happy Plane

  1. shin0bi272 says:

    Awww I want 50 cal cannons for eyes 😦

    • Sarge says:

      So… you want to be heavily armed. And also blind. American, much?

    • shin0bi272 says:

      Heavily armed and happy about it… you’re damned right Im American

    • Charlie Oscar Delta says:

      the 2nd amendment: the belief that a civilian needs something that can kill a large bear 2km away, several times in succesion. all in the interest of self defense.

      you americans. ever wonder why U.K., Canada and Australia don’t have school massacers?

    • Reason? says:

      No offense, but we have flaws you do too. If you knew much about the “you americans” you speak to you would realize that they have opinions on either side of the issue. Ergo your stereotype (the one implied in “you american”) is shown untrue.

      On another note you might get people to think realistically about your point if you show more respect for them. It can even be something as simple as capitalizing Americans. You’ve shown you’re not the type of person to ignore capitalizing countries out of convenience, so it comes across as another slight when you say americans. You seem an intelligent person, so I think you’ll understand my point that unless your aim is to blow off steam then you should be more tactful so your point might be heard.

      Sorry if I seem antagonistic, but on the off chance you or someone else will read this perhaps my time will have been well spent. Good day.

    • Bramble says:

      Right, because Virginia Tech an Columbine were 50 cals. People commit school shootings with the same guns that are for sale in the U.K. At least according to the information I received about your last mass murder when visiting London.

    • Bramble says:

      oh and by the way this aircraft is Ironically a British model with 20mm rifles not 50 cals. Nose swivel mounts were obsolete by the end of World War II. When you consider that by the 1950’s sleek B-29s saw use in Maritime patrol (Happy Plane’s job” This is really a poor design in the nose gun aspect, and the fact that it has a double tale. The counter rotating props surprised me as it is all that distinguishes this bomber from a War model. But Britain seems to have a history of blending obsolete tactics with the latest technology. Like the Royal Navy during the war. I mean it’s great you had/ have all that naval power, but it didn’t exactly stop the Blitz did it?

    • Yew says:

      Because 15″ naval guns of a revenge class battleship have a history of shooting down german Bombers..

      Essesnially this plane is a Lancaster bomber, The shakleton (sorry for spelling) and was used until the 1990s. The cannons where removed after the Mk1’s (you have to admit, they look scary though) It was equipped with some highly advanced aerial sonar, and various ASW munitions.

      It did the job, better than our baby aircraft carriers these day

    • Phoenyx says:

      Quiet good, you live on your “island”

    • Sarge says:

      It’s the armed & blind combination I’m concerned about.

    • PsychoDad says:

      Why? You bigoted against the blind or sumfin?

    • Charlie Oscar Delta says:

      no, they just don’t tend to be very good marksmen.

    • PsychoDad says:

      With two full-auto 50 cals on swivel mounts, you don’t have to be a very good marksman.

    • Reason? says:

      I believe the idea is that it’s scary you wouldn’t have to be a good shot because, while you may end up hitting the desired target, you would probably kill everything around.

    • ogee ogee says:

      Wow. You’re so defensive. What are you hiding?

  2. Nikorasu says:

    It will kill you by shooting tears of joy.

  3. Some Person says:

    that’s the best picture i’ve seen one this site

  4. Some Person says:

    without the e

  5. Some Person says:

    in the word “on”

  6. NeonCat says:

    It’s an Avro Shackleton maritime patrol plane. And those are actually 20mm cannon according to http://www.gkweb.co.uk/machines/planes/shackleton.php

  7. Cameron Winter says:

    Happy Plane is an RAF Shackleton Anti-Submarine patrol aircraft I beleive

  8. Catbunny says:

    What type of plane is that (other than “military”)?

  9. Plane guy says:

    umm, NOT American… despite the firepower
    (Its an Avro Shackleton MR3 – with an Impeccable British Heritage…)

    Yup theres alway a plane geek….

  10. PsychoDad says:

    So any ideas what kind of plane that is?

  11. Aud says:

    Happy plane is happy. And he will kill. Happily.

  12. oldlegodad says:

    My question also. Obviously Soviet era in a musuem.

  13. captainned says:

    Avro Shackelton, and those are 20mm cannons, not .50 caliber machine guns.


  14. oldlegodad says:

    I shuda read the comments closer, but I don’t think they were all posted when I tagged it a soviet. I firgot the Brits built uuggly planes too.

    • Cameron Winter says:

      And the B-52 is just the height of Aestetic design? Right? Oh wait, isn’t the B-52 the plane the crews nicknamed the B.U.F.F? The Big Ugly Fat F***ker?

      Please do not insult the Shackleton or any other British aircraft untill you see the whole thing. Or do I have to mention the Hughs Bee Gee as well?

    • Jim a says:

      Can we agree that the Vulcan is prettier than the

  15. Raina says:

    Looks more like a derp plane to me. You can’t really tell who it’s looking at–if it’s looking at you or the person ten feet to your left.

  16. Jimmylou says:

    It’s like:

  17. oldlegodad says:

    Why are the comments not posted by date/time?
    Jim a, yes Vulcan is a beautiful aircraft. I got to see one fly at airshows in the UK cira 77-79. BUT, the only one still flying is one that had to be rescued by a national fund raising campaign. BUFFs on the other hand will be used until 2020 as now scheduled. All of the airframes are older than their crews and like the Energizer Rabbit, “just keep going and……”

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