Yawning Box Makes You Yawn Too

Objects With Faces - Yawning Box Makes You Yawn Too

Submitted by: dunno source via Submit a Photo

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24 Responses to Yawning Box Makes You Yawn Too

  1. Napping Tinykat says:

    omg as soon as i read the title, i yawned! truly this is a magical picture!

  2. Chocaholic says:

    Just to make everyone mad….


    Annoying? Well shut up because the “first” debate is overused :P!

  3. SR says:

    That is an unpr*yawn* OH CRAP IT ACTUALLY WORKS

  4. Rachel says:

    it worked

  5. Femanon says:


  6. a paerson says:

    I yawned when I saw this

  7. PastorJohn83 says:

    i yawned as well…creepy box!

  8. funky3000 says:

    I actually yawned too! WTF?

  9. p u r e * s o u n d says:

    this really did make me yawn…lol

  10. KRAJ0T says:

    +1, I yawned as well -.-

  11. Ben says:

    I yawned also. O:

  12. wren noire says:

    aaugh, I didn’t even read the caption and I yawned. You win this time box.

  13. Bacon says:

    i came.

  14. katha says:

    No way! I yawned! How is that even possible?

  15. jeff says:

    now penguin time <(")

  16. meee haha jk ur mom says:

    i yawned just reading the title….
    shark time! (^^^)

  17. Will says:

    ZOMG i yawned too :O

  18. Jane says:

    I lost the game. Oh, and I yawned too =/

  19. dotkitty says:

    Whenever I see this picture I yawn O_o

  20. stella says:

    Holy crap it actually works! WHAT IS WRONG W/ THIS FREAKISH BOX?!!!

  21. neikko says:

    I yawned too… maybe its from only five hours of sleep
    ( ‘-‘ ) BUNNEH!!!

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