Put it Away!

Objects With Faces - Put it Away!

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Once upon a time there were three bears...
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10 Responses to Put it Away!

  1. alixetiir says:

    You can see the cameraman in the reflection.

  2. Momma Bear says:

    I “LOVE” this photo. It says SO much without talking. I enjoy my bathroom privacy, but now this will make me look around a just a tiny bit more, now that I know I may be judged by an inanimate object!

  3. firsty mic first first says:

    the title is the best.

  4. -L- says:

    Cheez Whiz! It’s not ‘that’ big…

  5. Jon says:

    My eyes! Ze goggles do nossing!

  6. Darkra says:

    Who says “tinkle” anymore?

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