It’s Not A Mole! ….It’s A Beauty Mark…

Objects With Faces - It's Not A Mole! ....It's A Beauty Mark...

Submitted by: Vegasjetta via Submit a Photo

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5 Responses to It’s Not A Mole! ….It’s A Beauty Mark…

  1. NH says:

    Mole. Mole. Mole.

  2. christellar says:

    haha cindy-crawford’s place

  3. teenguitargirl says:

    The unibrow adds a nice touch.

  4. Redeem says:


  5. Andelana says:

    ROFL @ Redeem 🙂 I love that film!

    I thought, when I looked at it, that the house would be saying it in the deep, cigarette roughened voice of a bleached blonde B-movie actress… You know, they’re the sort who live in a condo in like, Long Beach, about a mile from the ocean; no view or anything, but close enough to hear the seagulls mourning their lost youth. *sigh* Poor house. It could have been someone if it wasn’t for all those younger, taller houses springing up out of nowhere. And if it’d got better scripts. Or a different agent. Ai; bring me another gin and … gin!

    (Over-active imagination today… I’ve been watching Sunset Boulevard AND Whatever Happened to Baby Jane!)

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