Silence Of The Cakes

Objects With Faces - Cannibul Cake

Originally submitted by: Dyna Moe

As a general rule, I won’t eat anything that has the face still on it. That goes for shrimp and rotisserie pigs and, to be honest, even animal crackers freak me out a little. Having said that, this Cheezburger classic may be the sole exception to my rule. I’d totally devour that sweet, chocolatey face, if only to keep it from eating me first.

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17 Responses to Silence Of The Cakes

  1. OHMAGAWD says:

    OHMAGAWD TEH CAKE IS A LIE! and for all of you who are jerks to say first, first.

  2. dombeef says:

    No one said the cake is a lie?
    Ok then, The cake is a lie!

  3. me says:

    This cake is obliviously a spy.

  4. Doc's AmericanCompanion says:

    er.. repost?

  5. Dyna says:

    This is a still from a web series called “Cakey The Cake From Outer Space.” Google it.

  6. Grrr says:

    At least get the spelling right.

  7. Ess says:

    Lame. Things deliberately made to have a face don’t count. 😡

  8. Tahiki says:


  9. ooo says:

    Wait, shrimp have faces?

  10. TJ says:

    Is this the cake that attacks Hamilton on Tiny Toons?

  11. Nuh? says:

    It’s sackboy!

  12. Staged . . . old news . . . meh . . .

  13. HarryPotter says:

    it looks like a person from little big planet

  14. GFawer says:

    if it is from “Cakey The Cake From Outer Space.” then that is a ripoff of the cake that Hampton hallucinates about when he is on a diet on Tiny Toon Adventures in the short called “Little Cake Of Horrors” season 1.

    most random reference FTW

  15. Hay . says:

    The cake is a .. Cannibal?

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