Smoking Kills…Ashtrays!

Objects With Faces - IT BURNS! AHHH!

Submitted by: brunapgil via Submit a Photo

Reasons to quit smoking:

1) Smoking gives you cancer
2) Smoking is mega-expensive
3) Smoking annoys people around you, including small, innocent children with tiny, sensitive lungs
4) One day, the ashtrays will rise up and have their revenge…you probably don’t want a lit ciggy in your hand when that day comes!

Thinking about that has really stressed me out. Smoke break!

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9 Responses to Smoking Kills…Ashtrays!

  1. Doc's AmericanCompanion says:

    that’s not an ashtray….. that’s a candle wax melter that someone is using as an ashtray…. wax melter feels sooo violated 😉 ….

  2. mangymoggy says:

    That’s a scented oil diffuser, not an ashtray. Fail.

  3. Tahiki says:


  4. Muriel Goldston says:

    Poor thing. The look on his face says “Whyyyyy????”

  5. jenn says:

    Yyyyeah, this could definitely go on “”. Using an oil diffuser as an ashtray is pretty redneck.

  6. Trin says:

    Yeeeeah…was just going to say…totally not an ashtray. FAIL

  7. The Elf (Elfus Irritatus) says:

    Hello trollies!
    Before criticising the poster, you should read the post again and then notice that it was never mentioned that the oil diffuser was actually an ashtray, just that one day, ashtrays (and prolly anthing used as an ashtray, be that cans, oil diffusers, your noses, and stuff like that) would rise up against smokers.

    Having that noticed i’m inclined to say that you fail at failing.


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