Let Us Play You The Song Of Our People

Video by: Jaden via Submit a Photo

Um, little singing golf club things? It’s called a KEY. Try singing in one that doesn’t melt my brain, OK? No one’s arguing that your singing is impressive, but I need some Tylenol after that rendition.

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54 Responses to Let Us Play You The Song Of Our People

  1. HanFox says:

    The third one (highest pitch) sounds like Sweep from Sooty and Friends…

  2. transistor09 says:

    They are KILLING them!

  3. mary says:

    Anyone else reminded of the Muppet Show?

  4. FTW says:

    Oh. my. GOD. MAKE IT STOP!!!

  5. aereon says:


  6. Acies says:

    i agree with the description… that hurt my brain @_@ and i don’t think it’s just a matter of choosing a key per se, but more importantly, everyone needs to choose the same key and stick to it for every note @_@

    anyway, for those of you interested in purchasing one, thinkgeek is selling them =)

  7. you says:


  8. LOLRuss says:


  9. N-dizzle says:

    Sounds just as bad as the bagpipe version!

  10. Caffeinated Katie says:

    It makes a great rodent repellent if you keep looping it.

  11. pro0glenn says:

    I need to put this rendition of Greensleeves on my iPod.

  12. Efrain says:

    They’re Sperm in the shape of music notes…

  13. wozzle says:

    A tad hard on the ears, but I loved it anyway. Is the off-key sound the fault of the “golf club” thingy or of the players, I wonder?
    (Now where can I get one?)

  14. SageLukahn says:

    and people thought vuvuzelas were annoying.

  15. catladymac says:

    I had never heard my beagle howl quite like she did while I was playing this clip. Luckily she is fenced inor I would now be out hunting her. What ARE those things, anyway?

  16. Lisa says:

    No headache here, just laughter! I laughed through the whole thing once the one taking the melody started…and I sympathized because it sounded a lot like me singing lolol.

  17. Rachel says:

    If they weren’t so adorable, I’d want them off the planet. As it is, I just want one.

  18. RuffTuff says:

    Guy on the left has nasty nails. Just cause yer a dude doesn’t mean you can’t clean yer goddam nails.

    • Rengitheam says:

      Only you would notice some guy’s nails while your ears are being assulted by little white aliens that apparently do not come in peace.

  19. Cassiiie says:


    you can buy it from that website…they come in black and white…

  20. Beano says:

    HAHA!! I was wondering if anyone else was going to comment on the uber-nasty nails! Maybe he’s planning on growing bean sprouts under there…

  21. That Guy says:

    *twitch* *second twitch* *fall on floor bleeding from ears*

  22. karon says:

    is anyone else now longing for a vuvuzela?

    • JK says:

      Why don’t people realize that these comments are going to make people want to use these as a substitute just because they are more annoying?

    • mica720x says:

      you do know your giving people the ideas to bring these. thank you for starting the fire. here have some gas *hands gas*

  23. mia720x says:

    it still cooler than the vuvuzela

  24. postl1terat1 says:

    They managed to sum up the last 500 years or so of music history, from krumhorns to calliopes to microtones to shred endings.

    I wonder if they do ringtones.

  25. althea says:

    Oh dear and we so hoped great aunt matilda would get to be an animate being in this lifetime. It is good to hear her again, though.

  26. CrazySteve13 says:

    Great! Now my ears are bleeding AND my dog won’t come out from underneath the couch. The guy that invented these needs to be hung! (not really. I don’t want that to be misconstrued as a threat.)

  27. snowman says:

    ahaha! w00t! i can always count on thinkgeek to sell the good stuff.

  28. SolalChabauty says:

    “Wild Vuvuzela appeared !
    Go! Otamatone!
    Vuvuzela used BRR Of Death ! It’s super effective !
    Otamatone used High Fucked Up Tone !
    Vuvuzela brain just exploded ! It’s a critical hit !
    Otamatone win !”

    • JP says:

      THIS IS WIN.

      Otomatone does sound like something they’d name a pokémon, no? And… it LOOKS like one too. @_@


  29. Name(required) says:

    This made me laugh so hard I started crying and thought I was about to die. I don’t know why…it’s not that funny, I suppose…It’s just so darn absurd I practically asploded with giggling. Whoever invented these adorable obnoxious little creatures should be applauded…then slapped across the face.

  30. JW says:

    This is what happens when you play the notes themselves: they don’t even remember what key they’re in anymore!

  31. Moro says:

    hahahahahahahaha oh my god, these are so cute and absurd. And earbleeding. But aaahhhh I want one now

  32. chandlerj333 says:

    the evolution of the vuvuzela!

  33. Jamie says:

    It sounds AWFUL, but it’s so CUTE!!!

  34. Chloe says:


  35. phedredragon says:

    OMG. My ears are bleeding and my poor dog thinks the laptop is possessed. I need to buy one, that was frickin hilarious!

  36. Tipper says:

    And they say Bagpipes are annoying!

  37. Rengitheam says:

    I don’t care what the caption says, that is NOT Greensleeves!!

  38. naomi says:

    i feel sorry for the middle one

  39. Axxi says:

    That… that was beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. Admittedly they were tears of laughter, but I do actually have tears in my eyes right now!

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