Could He Not Afford Invisalign?

Objects With Faces - Could He Not Afford Invisalign?

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Wear ’em proudly, Happy Stump! Like Gwen Stefani, back when she had braces (and was actually popular and before that weird “my husband has a secret lovechild” thing). The other stumps with perfect teeth may laugh for a while, but if you don’t let it show that you’re bothered, they’ll move on to the fat stump soon enough.

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2 Responses to Could He Not Afford Invisalign?

  1. the_strange_cat says:

    Aaaaw…poor happy stump. He won’t be so happy in a few hours. (About an hour after I first got my braces, I tried to eat a bagel and ended up in tears.)

  2. Cute, but staged. Eyes painted on.

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