Feed Me, Seymour

Objects With Faces - Feed Me, Seymour

Submitted by: Tobman

Feed yourself, you big baby. I don’t have time for “airplane coming in for a landing” or “choo choo going into a tunnel.” I do, however, always have time to run and get my pruning shears.

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5 Responses to Feed Me, Seymour

  1. nme says:

    tasty mario

  2. (Not) Attenborough says:

    And once they have fed, the mature Triffids pollinate and the next generation emerges from the pods fully functional and ready to devour literally anything that moves.

  3. KZN02 says:

    Piranha Plant!

  4. J says:

    That’s pretty spot on!

  5. lolpear12 says:


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