A Different Kind of Glad Bag

Objects With Faces - A Different Kind of Glad Bag

Submitted by: Unknown

Oh, smiling blue lunch satchel. You’re the golden retriever of bags. I set you on the floor for two seconds and you start crying like a baby, but as soon as I pick you up again, you become the happiest food receptacle in the world.

I love you, smiling blue lunch satchel. Now give me my freaking sandwich.

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6 Responses to A Different Kind of Glad Bag

  1. OH RELLY NAO SUHN says:

    The blue lunch satchel is happy because you have rainbow cookies in your lunch today.

  2. FHBGA says:


  3. pakmara says:

    It reminds me of Toothless from HTTYD. I hope it doesn’t spit up half-eaten pieces of fish.

  4. D-R says:

    Happy bag is so happy, I almost don’t want to get my sandwich.

  5. MoonieKittenGirl says:

    Happy derp bag is happily derping for you!

    Cause it looks mildly like it’s derping too 😛

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