Onions Are So Mean

Objects With Faces-Onions Are So Mean

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Onions are so mean.

But you know what, if people we’re trying to cut me into delicious little pieces on a daily basis, I’d probably be unfriendly too.

Even so, this little guy gets no sympathy from me. Look at that smirk. He’s like that big kid Ernest, who teased you on the playground in kindergarten and drank your snack-time milk rations. I bet his name is Schadenfreude.

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13 Responses to Onions Are So Mean

  1. Couch says:

    This might just be me… but doesn’t that onion look like Whoopi Goldberg? I mean, right down to the damn glasses…

  2. Couch says:

    Yeah, if Kermit were evil and bent on the annhialation of the human race using, among others, a strange aura around his headโ€ฆ

  3. Meow says:

    no, I think it looks more like the cookie monster ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Carlyndra says:

    Iz Kermit the Frog!!!

  5. Name says:

    This was on TLL: http://bit.ly/bS8xyT
    On the same time as something from here went into there: http://bit.ly/aDmQJw

  6. Reshiram says:

    Kinda looks like cookie monster in there…

  7. d3bates says:

    Elmo’s evil twin lives in an onion? Is this hinting at his father being Oscar?

  8. brmbug says:

    Someone (probably on TLL) said Roseanne Rosanadana. Great. Now I see Kermit with Roseanne Rosanadana’s hair.

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