Alien Lamp Comes In Peace

Objects With Faces-Alien Lamp Comes In Peace

Submitted by: Morgan Banningw

Greetings, humans. Do not be alarmed. My people have only one purpose here on Earth: to replenish our supply of florescent energy.

Should you resist or fail to meet our demands, we will be forced to blind you all. Now take me to your light bulbs.

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10 Responses to Alien Lamp Comes In Peace

  1. pakmara says:

    Now we know what really happened to Ambassador Kosh.

  2. Angie says:

    That’s got to be a Starbucks bathroom light fixture! I’ve seen them in every one I’ve been in. Looks like an alien bishop with the big hat.

  3. boaks says:

    Anyone else notice the other face?? The light is the nose, the doorway at the bottom is the mouth…

    • Alejo says:

      yea!! i saw that too! i was gonna recaption this as: Pinocchio’s transformation or something…cant think of a good name…

  4. Christian says:

    looks more like the little boy from Salad Fingers

  5. luke says:

    looks like figrin d’an of figrin d’an and the modal nodes

  6. Coxy says:


  7. Sashaisme says:

    Someone call Ristar, Kaiser Greedy is BACK!

    Tell Sega it’s time for a sequel!

  8. Sarah says:

    Totally the lamp fixtures from Starbucks. Cause I checked my phone and I have this exact same picture. 😛

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