wat do you mean “Throw away useless box?”

objects with faces-wat do you mean  "Throw away useless box?"

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Useless? Useless! Useless is you using me to carry home munchies after you went “out with the guys.” Useless is the way you handle moving; you just grab my hand holds while I do all the work.

But fine, if I’m just so unimportant to you, then maybe I’ll go find someone else who can appreciate me for who I am. Someone who will carry me RIGHT SIDE UP. God, you make me sick.

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10 Responses to wat do you mean “Throw away useless box?”

  1. Banana-Slug says:

    This would be so funny if I hadn’t just watched Toy Story 3. XD

    • kat says:

      u should never watch an awesome movie then look at cheezburger network…thats the worst thing you ever did… 😛 😦

  2. BlackjackTheener says:

    It’s Cardbo!

  3. Gum says:

    Looks just like my boyfriend xD

  4. kat says:

    OMG! Cardbo! i was gonna say that in the caption then i thought…wait…i can make it better… 😛

  5. tara says:

    BANANA box! I was just thinking I should upload my pic!! haha

  6. Hurr Durr says:

    It’s heavily implied that Ena and Miura have something to do with this. . .

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