He Has BACON!!!!!!

objects with faces-He has   BACON!!!!!!

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Alright guys, now as soon as he walks through the door, we’re gonna make our move.

Joseph, you’re going to go at him from the left with a couple of quick feints to distract him, and then me and Stephen will come in from the right to get him into a headlock. And then Terry will grab the grocery bag and we’ll all make a run for it.

And Martin, just stay on the shelf and DON’T DO ANYTHING. You’re the reason Operation Bolognaggedon was a colossal failure.

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4 Responses to He Has BACON!!!!!!

  1. OhNoes says:

    Are these like cups or? well probably not cups but something ceramic or porcelain-ish?

  2. MICA720X says:

    I think they hold silver/plasticware for home and picnicks

  3. Yonathan says:

    STOP HIM!!!1

  4. megengal says:

    they’re essential oil burners for aroma therapy

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