Around The Water Cooler

Objects With Faces-Around The Water Cooler

Submitted by: Marz

When feeling dissatisfied with their boring nine-to-five grind, Water Closet Schmidt and Trash Can Williams would hit the break room for some good ol’ fashioned gossiping. From talk about that hideous floral skirt Jennifer wore on Monday to the boss’s alleged affair with the latest tween intern, W.C. and T.C. were the go-to girls for office gossip.

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7 Responses to Around The Water Cooler

  1. Silbakor says:

    Anyone else here think that Mr. Williams had a really rough night last night? Maybe stayed up too late making lolcats?

  2. LeeLeo says:

    Aw. Friends.

    The one on the left looks drunk, and the one on the right looks gossipy.

  3. Jon says:

    I assume you mean Water Cooler Schmidt. “Water Closet” is something quite different.

  4. Doc's AmericanCompanion says:

    there’s a load of trash talk going on at that cooler 😛

  5. Horizon says:

    Cynthia needed to make tea for the boss. She didn’t realize that the boss did not like water from the tap and had put water on to boil on the kitchen stove. The boss came in and asked what the heck was she doing? He showed Cynthia that the new water cooler had a hot water tap. He made Cynthia drink the tea that she first created, and requested a new cup of tea to be brought to the office. Cynthia spilt the tea on the way to his office and had to make another cup. This time she went to the water cooler and did it the right way, and managed to deliver a cup of tea without spilling it.

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