No Disassemble Number 6!

Objects With Faces-No Disassemble Number 6!

Submitted by: inspiracy

Hello, I am Number 6. But Number 6 stupid name… want to be Kevin or Dave!

… or Jackson. Jackson good name. No Disassemble!

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9 Responses to No Disassemble Number 6!

  1. Nil says:

    Short Circuit reference win.

  2. Bruised Almighty says:

    And no Autobot or Decepticon semble

  3. MICA720X says:

    Second. Happy turret sheld sees incoming morders

  4. TheFoot says:

    Whats the little hand gadgets purposes?… chaff, flare firers?

    Although looking again maybe not…

    • MICA720X says:

      U talking about the tubes with black covers on them

    • Canadian says:

      Yeah, they’re multipurposse tubes, but mainly grenade launchers, so, you could fire flares or (Ineffective) chaff (Its used mainly for air radar dissipation) but mainly grenades

  5. MICA720X says:

    O know. I work on them. I just wonderibg what he askin about

    • TheFoot says:

      Yeah Canadian got what i meant 😛 , the tubes with the black rubber caps, the fact they are all pointing willy nilly sorta made me go ‘Errr what on earth are those for?’ although they do make effective looking stubby jazz hands 😛

      I should have just said tubes with black caps 🙂 sorry

  6. bananawarrior2.0 says:

    I’ve seen the movie, it rocks. like play dough.

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