You Think Your Job Bites?

objects with faces-You think your job bites...

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Sure, you work 60 hours a week with no overtime pay, your dress code involves whalebone corsets and those terrifying Chinese shoes that permanently alter the shape of your feet, and your cubicle window overlooks a mortuary. But it could be worse. You could be this sad sap of a machine.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Fail Crane’s younger brother, Fail Jaws.

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6 Responses to You Think Your Job Bites?

  1. LeeLeo says:

    Aw. His jaws are fearsome, but there’s sadness in his eyes.

  2. Brian Lang says:

    I would’ve said “You think your job bites?”

  3. Jon says:

    Didn’t he work at the Slate Quarry in Bedrock?

  4. Draco says:


  5. MICA720X says:

    He needs a hug and a nap. Yo draco nice archer referance

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