Happy Watermelon Day!

Objects With Faces-Watermelon Chair

Were you aware that August 3rd is National Watermelon Day?

Objects With Faces-Watermelon USB

Well, now you know.

Objects With Faces-Watermelon House

Happy Watermelon Day! We here at Happy Chair HQ hope these melons find you ballin’!

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9 Responses to Happy Watermelon Day!

  1. Ess says:

    Man what a cop-out.

    But srsly I would live in the wattamelon house.

  2. Blitz says:

    None of these inanimate objects have faces in them.

    I demand a refund.

  3. John Pannell says:

    Love the photos. Have you seen this video we found to celebrate National Watermelon Day? http://bit.ly/cok5Pt

  4. Melonwater says:

    Best. USB. EVARRRRR!!!!!!

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