Evil Burner Will Eat You for Breakfast

Objects With Faces-Evil Burner Will Eat You for Breakfast

Submitted by: amascho

He lurks in the morning.
He lurks in the night.
The evil blue burner
gives all food a fright
with his sadistic smile
and his high-powered flames.
He’s a bad, gassy burner,
and he’ll scramble your brains.

… if you’re an egg, that is.

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25 Responses to Evil Burner Will Eat You for Breakfast

  1. Catco says:

    It’s Calcifer!!

  2. Deboru says:


  3. alex says:

    This is sooo Hauru No Ugoku Shiro! Howl’s Moving Castle that is.

  4. --E says:


  5. Imalshen says:

    I’m suddenly reminded of Calcifer from “Howl’s Moving Castle”.

    • Imalshen says:

      I love how we all thought the same thing. I commented before any comments were posted, or I wouldn’t have been so redundant. lol

  6. Omg says:

    But it cooks my food for me…

  7. HojoCat says:

    It broke the yolk too. It truly is evil.

  8. lorna says:

    that was my exact thoughts when i saw it too, its SO calcifer from howls moving castle, also he likes the egg shells when sophie was cooking the breakfasts so its rather fitting lol

  9. JediKitteh says:

    :O Calcifer!

  10. Louise says:

    Most certainly Calcifer right there. 😮

  11. sfj says:

    but the eggs seem happy…

  12. LLM says:

    “Here is another curse. May all your bacon burn.”

  13. Jennica says:

    hahahhahaha th eggs look scared even love this pic!!!

  14. dagreenbeen says:

    I was really hoping I’d be the first one to notice the Calcifer thing. So I could do this:

    “Calicifer? You’re being so obedient.”
    “Not on purpose. She bullied me!”


    • Onasariel says:

      If it makes you feel better, so did I.

      I was going to say “Calcifer! Is that you?!”

  15. Krepta says:

    Don’t forget to feed him the eggshells!

  16. Kit Kat says:



  17. Rayne09 says:

    “I’m a strong and powerful fire demon named Calcifer!!!!!! BLAHABBBLLAHBBBALLLLHA!!!!”

  18. Wiesje says:

    It looks like the oggie Boggie man

  19. kyprioth says:

    I was totally happy that Calcifer was the first thing mentioned. And then saddened everyone quotes the movie and not the superior book… Happiness still outweighs the saddness.

  20. Rayne90 says:

    I agree that the book is superior kyprioth, just not that many people have actually read the book. I will make you happier, It is singing the Saucepan song!

    For those of you that dont know calcifer sings it at the end of chapter 3 in which Sophie enters into a Castle and a bargain.

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