This Week in Anthropomorphic Objects

Objects With Faces-Evil Burner Will Eat You for BreakfastEvil Burner Will Eat You for Breakfast

Happy Sunday, honorable chairs! Let’s celebrate by looking back at some of the best content of the past week here on Happy Chair Is Happy!

Objects With Faces Washing Machine Self Destructs Remix
Video: Washing Machine Self Destructs REMIX

Objects With Faces-Happy Mail Slot Noms your mailHappy Mail Slot is Not a Mail Slot at All!

Objects With Faces-So Many Levels
Inception Caption Contest Winners!

objects with faces-You think your job bites..
Introducing: Fail Jaws

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8 Responses to This Week in Anthropomorphic Objects

  1. Kyle says:

    Honestly, how many of you actually knew what anthropomorphic meant without looking it up?

  2. Christopher says:


  3. me. says:

    its calcifer!!!!

  4. Feliciano says:

    “…May all your bacon burn.” Was the first thought in my head.

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