Basement Heater Has Hit Rock Bottom

objects with faces-Basement Heater has hit Rock Bottom

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Why didn’t I listen to the rest of the gang? “Just one more round of craps,” I said. “Just one more.”

Now I’m trapped in this basement and the bookies keep stuffing coal down my throat. How do I always manage to get myself into these kinds of messes?

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6 Responses to Basement Heater Has Hit Rock Bottom

  1. Benjamin Harris says:

    By the way, this is located in the Tower of Terror in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World (i.e. California and Florida) if you want to see yawning furnace live.

  2. kaleb says:

    I know that one: fresh from the Hollywood Tower Hotel!

  3. Beccarouge says:

    Disney FTWWWW

  4. steffi says:

    yah this looks like a face because THE DISNEY PPL DESIGNED IT TO!!!

  5. sweet jesus says:

    very “home alone”ish

  6. KassemG says:

    Omg I have seen this thing every time I went to disneyland since I was 7. Wow Over all the years I cant believe I didnt take a pic of this.

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