Happier Plane

Objects With Faces-Happier Plane

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Happier Plane. Protecting you and everyone you love since August 10, 2010.

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6 Responses to Happier Plane

  1. FutonLife says:

    Poor Happy Plane:( Way to go Happier Plane!

  2. im on a horse says:

    i think both happy planes will kill each other Happily

  3. cheeze says:

    Whoa wait…what the balls kinda plane is that?? Must be a new one or something?

    • Novelty says:

      As I recall, this was a fighter plane made by Boeing, to compete for a military contract to replace the F-16. Lockheed’s F-35 won the contract, and this plane was never put into production.

  4. Rockah12 says:

    What happened to Happy Boat, or Happy Tank? Happy Boat was nuked by Happy Plane, and then Happy Tank shot Happy Plane. Then he was exploded by happy dynamite.

  5. FleXz says:

    It’s a Boeing X-32, it should be a sad plane by now…

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