Happy CPU is Making the LOLz

objects with faces-Happy CPU is Making the LOLz

Submitted by: fLpY

You might think we here at Cheezburger HQ are the ones responsible for creating your daily dose of LOL, but that’s simply untrue. Every morning we show up and feed Happy CPU his ritual offering of RAM, and he goes to work on crafting the jokes for the day.

So next time you get angry at a Cheezburger gag, don’t level your complaints at our meager human employees. Really, the fault rests upon this well-eared little machine.

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13 Responses to Happy CPU is Making the LOLz

  1. ChibiDarkrai says:

    Dis shud be on Daily Squee!

  2. Lady.Khrystal says:

    I WANT ONE SOOOOOOOOO BAAAAAAAD!!!!! I don’t care if it’s 0.2 MHz… I still wants it!!!

  3. Nameless says:

    This is sooooooooooooo cute!

  4. chenb says:

    It’s going to be 0MHz; that’s a heatsink, not a CPU.

    • fernblatt says:

      picky, picky, picky…. lol

      Yes, it is. But it’s a CUTE one, and it is indeed sitting on the top of CPU, which is the whole point of the original post.

  5. Hello, Kitty. says:

    Whatever it is, it looks like Hello Kitty.

  6. okm332 says:

    btw its a heatsink not a cpu

    • Sarge says:

      Yes. A heatsink is a device designed to cool a computer chip, usually the CPU (Central Processing Unit). Heatsinks typically sit directly on top of and in direct contact with the chip they are colling. The heatsink’s job is to carry heat away from the computer chip and then dissipate the heat.

    • okm332 says:

      well done, that’s nothing to be proud of almost every one knows how a heatsink works.

      And it does not sit directly on top of the CPU/GPU/chip set because there is a thin sheet/layer of thermal paste.

    • fernblatt says:

      I don’t think okm gets the point that it is a *CUTE* heatsink, which is the reason for the original post.


    • okm332 says:

      yea i get that ,what was annoying was that you were boasting about how a heat sink works when it is one of the most simple things in the world!!


  7. ludwigkoopa2 says:

    (cave story joke)

  8. pilif12p says:

    that’s a heatsink. Just sayin’

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