objects with faces-*yawn*

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Oh man… sorry guys, I’m just really out of it today. I didn’t have any coffee this morning, and this whole being a juice container thing is hard work.

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7 Responses to *yawn*

  1. Imalshen says:

    I totally just yawned when I looked at that. lol

  2. Robbie says:

    I yawned too!

    Apparently it’s not juice, it’s a Parmesan cheese shaker. (Google “Pasgrasan”.)

  3. Marrii says:

    When my older brother still lived home with us, he had this thing in the fridge. He loves to put it in his food, but it STINKS!

    (btw: kult! norwayman! betyr vel at du er fra Norge 😉 Nice…)

  4. bigyellowdinosaur says:


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