Objects With Faces-GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!

Submitted by: Unknown

Angry… ceramic thing (?)… is so upset he can only shout in ALL CAPS. He’s practically Kanye-ing right now. I hope he doesn’t break his Macbook Air.

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6 Responses to GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!

  1. Yakkidy says:


    And what is that thing?

    • the_strange_cat says:

      It looks like a little pot for fondue…the candle goes in the bottom part (mouth), and there’s a little bowl shaped thing on top in which you put whatever you’re fondue-ifying. I could be completely wrong……it might be a candle thing or something……but whatever.

  2. Quasi says:

    I want this in my kitchen.

  3. jamisings says:

    That looks like a shelf in a Salvation Army or other thrift store.

  4. Chaos says:

    It’s a scented oil burner. You put the tea light in the bottom of it.

    They used to be really popular before those gorram scented spray thingies were developed.


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